Compliance requires an understanding of your organization and the risks associated with its assets. Is security, data privacy, and confidentiality your concern? WrightMart can help you with your self-assessment, classify assets, and the risks associated for those assets. We can then work with you to do a gap analysis and help develop your plan and products to reduce your concerns.

 Financial flexibility

Applications like cloud document management and cloud automation are bought by the sip rather than by the gallon. Services can be acquired via operational expense versus capital expense.

 Obvious path to value

Cloud workflow and document management services follow a path of try first ⇒ buy small ⇒ scale up. This is 180-degree flip from tradition, which was buy big ⇒ implement ⇒ hope it sticks.

Administrative simplicity

The burden of security, redundancy and scalability are shifted to the cloud services provider. Business owners focus on process optimization and worker productivity.